Breaking Clouds is a Bucharest based professional visualization studio composed of a team of Architects and Graphic Designers determined to create compelling, highly detailed computer generated images for various industries.

Our mission is to assist Architects, Designers and Real Estate Developers around the world in portraying their projects and vision in the most effective way possible.

We create photorealistic renderings for:

-         Industrial designs;

-         Interior designs;

-         Architectural designs.

We offer various packages depending on your needs at competitive pricing.


-         Submit your CAD and other related files.

-         We generate a quote for you.

-         We meet by phone to discuss further specifics.

-         We create a 3D model of your project if required.

-         We generate a set of low resolution, black&white renderings to confirm viewpoint and content.

-         If needed, we provide slightly higher resolution color renderings to confirm any final information.

-         We deliver the final renderings, high resolution image files.


Any CAD is fine, provided that it can be opened in AutoCAD, 3ds Max and/or Sketchup.

The following are also helpful, but not required: furniture and finish information, color and texture preferences, site photographs and/or site plans, accurate dimensions, floor plans and elevations of your project, ideally in .pdf, .dwg or .dwf formats.


Pricing is affected by several variables including: project size, complexity, the completeness of the input, how many renderings are needed and how the renderings need to perform (communication, marketing, etc).

For more information and a detailed quote for your project, contact us at